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June 2019

— Depends on what you are looking for.
NodeJS is a lot more modular and flexible than most php framework approaches.
Do you want to do traditional MVC? Do you want a headless webserver? Do you just need a microservice? content management?

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namelee if you just get started, check out express. It really is no hassle to configure your own MVC with express and nodejs. There are barely monolithic frameworks in js that limit you to only one way of doing things.

— If you already have good experience with front-ends, then I would very much recommend going the headless way.. which means your webserver does not spit out HTML but only raw data (JSON) that your client can retrieve and do stuff with.

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— I used php every time, I frowned on django, flask.. Dot net.. Java...forget it.. I couldn't do the same to node.. It was like.. You take or you leave.. Oo.. Never liked the idea of frame works.. Until now.. Still struggling with it though..

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— And did you take it or leave it?

— I took it... That's why i am in here..

— To learn more..

— Good boy/girl/non-binary whatever :3

— There are 10 genders

— I can't say anything without offending someone in 2019. Therefore I am voting for a gender neutral way of addressing people :P

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— You missed my joke but okay.

— Ah. binary.. ugh xD