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June 2019

— Am working on an HR system and an Uber clone system backend


Using php as my backend language looking out for suggestions on which is the best Javascript framework to use for development

— In frontend?

— For example if you are using laravel, Vuejs works very well with it

— And it has a very easy learning courve

— Man I tried Angular and it blew my mind. Couldn't understand anything.

— Thanks bro for sharing this 😇

— Backend am using codeigniter wanna use js on front end

— I find laravel very hard

— Do you use any PHP framework?

— Depends on what you are looking for.
NodeJS is a lot more modular and flexible than most php framework approaches.
Do you want to do traditional MVC? Do you want a headless webserver? Do you just need a microservice? content management?

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— namelee if you just get started, check out express. It really is no hassle to configure your own MVC with express and nodejs. There are barely monolithic frameworks in js that limit you to only one way of doing things.

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