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June 2019

— Hi guys,
I want to ask about service worker.

I've created a service worker file to cache site files and serves the offline page whenever a network can not be made.

but I'm not quite sure why sometimes I keep getting the offline page even though the internet is on

Here is my sw file:

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Thanks for sharing the video. I am through about the basic concepts of OOP. What I am looking is resources for how to use those concepts in real world scenarios. Like implementing a date picker, star based rating system, an organizational chart based on the json data etc.

— Can anyone tell me.. Where can we use the basics of JavaScript that we have learned.Except that arrow functions,event listeners.

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— Plz can anyone clarify my huge doubt

— I can't understand where to implement those logics

— Arrow functions? Practically anywhere.
Event listeners? On DOM Objects or Event Emitters in Node.js

— course might help you understand.

— Or the pinned message. 👌

— Every js syntax has its use case and place. And you can write in many different styles and ways.

— Hmmmm, dynamic typing means runtime exceptions?

— Now learn the basic concepts of FP

— So how about Reactive programming