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June 2019

— For now, I'm trying npm react-excel-renderer


But there's problem with that as it is not reflecting the heading of last column but reflecting the data of the last column. So if it didnt work properly. I'll try sheetJs

— There might be something different about that heading inside the excel file

— Yeah.

— Hahah

— Anyone?? 👆👆👆

— Can anyone say

— Oh Yes. I got you. Actually "log" stands for the official written record of a ship’s or an aircraft’s journey. That's why founder put the "log" word as a function word in console function. console will print all the data whenever it has console.log command. So console is a directory of functions in JS.
What do you think Guys ?
Is it right or wrong ?
I am a noob here in JS.

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— robbyoconnor

— Oh damn. He isn't here

— 1. document
3. x

— Don't spoonfeed