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June 2019

— I give it a couple of more shotes before i just change the ui concept to first selecting a polyline and display just one line to have a obvious target

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The poyllines are svgs, and i can see that there maybe issues with the box model (squares) not pixels

— Ill show a gif in a sec

— Mp4

— Hope its ok

— Hi, I'm new to JS. And i want to display the uploaded excel file (. xlsx) on the screen in the table format. I need help.

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— You will need to convert it manually or using a tool

— Save as CSV is good enough if you won't need to update it often

— I would recommend something like this:

If you need to keep it live / want to convert dynamically

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— (You'll also need some code running on the web server)

— Is it possible to do it without using any library.

— Yes, but it will take a lot of code