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June 2019

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Sleep less.
Make sure to make as many mistakes as possible.
Get a mentor(he/she will push you to height you never had imagine).
Complete all freecodecamp front-end courses.
Print out the pinned msg and make a TODO list out of it.
Set three month to complete basics of html, css and js. (this is where you will need a mentor).
If it is only JS, one month is more than enough.
Don't hesitate to ask a lot of stupid questions till you can ask the right questions.
We will always be here to help you at every point you need us.
You are welcome to the beautiful world of JS

— Thanks s TRGWII and Mubarhak

— Https://

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— What is the meaning of Console ?

— The is a function that writes a message to foo on the debugging console. E.g console.log(), console.error() etc.

console.log(JavaScript Party 🎊 is a great community).

Will print(log)
javaScript Party 🎊 is a great community.

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— Console.log("This group is awesome 😊")

This group is awesome 😊

— Error bcoz it's console.log() not Console.log()

— Png treated as rectangle - can I ignore transparent areas?

— Source:

console.log('You guys know that there are bots that can run JS inside Telegram, right?');

You guys know that there are bots that can run JS inside Telegram, right?


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— Hey there, im starting to get nervous here: i use react drag-and-drop and leaflet maps. so i rendered Polylines on my leaflet, and it comes with a mouseover trigger. So when im declaring the polyline as a drop-target, the polyline box model is all over the place instead of a neat polyline, so i can not seperate my drop targets... any ideas on this? i

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— Pics / gifs?