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June 2019

— Actually I want to call my logout function when user close the tab


I am developing a web app where i want to call my javascript Logout() function only when browser tab close button is clicked.

Not when page navigation, page refresh.

I have used onbefeunload. but it is not working properly.

— That's not gonna happen, just use session cookies

— Or sessionStorage

— Okay

— Hello, can i ask something about node.js?

— Yes

— It is about, handling a request from http server into websocket.

— I have been trying to use websockets with http server

— Websocket events never got fired

— Hi guys i m create a form.. in it i have a drop-down list and a other input tag. I want to input tag disable or enable depend on drop-down list value. Please tell me how i write the script for that

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