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June 2019

— Still even after changing to profile


205| <div class="col">
206| <h5 class="card-title text-uppercase text-muted mb-0">Failed</h5>
>> 207| <span class="h2 font-weight-bold mb-0"><%= fail%></span>
208| </div>
209| <!--<div class="col-auto">-->
210| <!--<div class="icon icon-shape bg-yellow text-white rounded-circle shadow">-->

fail is not defined

— Try console.logging it here before rendering?

— Maybe it literally is undefined

— Guys please suggest good name for my YouTube channel

Technology based

— "Based Technology"

— Nice switcheroo

— What kind of technology?

— In general
Most of coding and programming related stuff

— "Based Coding and Programming related stuff"

— "BCP" for short

— Hii , I want if anyone close the browser tab then it ask for confirmation , "are you sure you want to close the tab ? " If it select yes then tab close otherwise not

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