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June 2019

— U can Take the Tutorial


React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Wes Bos Courses
We highly recommend Wes Bos' React courses:
- React For Beginners is a step-by-step training course to get you building real world React applications.
- Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL is an excellent course that teaches you to create React applications with latest technologies.
- Learn Redux is a free course that will simply the learning of Redux.

Tutorials and books
- React Official Docs is the best place to start. React has a great documentaion.
- React Enlightenment is a well written online book.
- React Bits is a compilation of patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.

Videos and Courses
- Egghead, with lots of high quality free courses by well-know instructors such as Dan Abramov, the creator of Redux.
- Academind has a well made React course.
- Traversy Media's React crash course is very useful for beginners.
- The Net Ninja's complete React/Redux tutorial.
- LearnCodeAcademy's course is the most viewed React course on YouTube.

What's next?
- Learn more about Redux ( and other state managers.
- Find out about server-side rendering and get to know frameworks like Next.js (
- Start creating mobile applications with React Native (
- Use GraphQL ( for your APIs.

— What is the name of language used to query documents in mongodb like SQL in relational database?

— NoSql

— JS

— There is no special mongo language, it's just annotated JS objects essentially

— Thank you.

— Hanz Haneefa:
Guys please help,
I need to find a list of users from user collection that matches a string keyword to "name" in each document. Also need to find the relation between each users to a specific user(logged in user)(relation between 2 users is saved in another collection with a friends_status: true). But the challenging part is need to add pagination and sort friends first.. aggrigation is the only method to do this, bt not getting proper query to do this..

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— Wew

— 😳😳

— Hi guys, i need help to render my variable to ejs, i end up getting "fail is not defined"


app.get('/profile', function (req, res, next) {
req.getConnection(function (err, conn) {
conn.query("SELECT count(*) as total from transaction ",
function (err, fail ) {
if(err) throw err;
res.render('/profile', {

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