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June 2019

— Use docker to run databases, painless setup, starts quickly, teardown easily ...


You won't be running into some issues such as port conflict or connection being blocked by windows or some other kind of shit!

— Why the signature verified data shows so?

— Objects can implement a way they want to be converted to strings.
toString() is the method they implement

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— Http://!!!PGJ1dHRvbj5DbGljayBtZSE8L2J1dHRvbj4%3D

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— I suggest everyone to please go through the above link, which describes "how JavaScript's call stack, event loop, and callback queue interact with each other. Visualizing the javascript runtime at runtime"

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— Yesterday, I gone through those article. Awesome exploration by Philip Roberts :)

— Why does this happen

— It has always worked

— Let's say file has 4 chars
i = file.length
i will be 4
file[4] // undefined

— You should do:
let i = file.length - 1

— Because file[3] is the highest accessible int when file has length 4