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June 2019

— Anybody explain me this code..

I dnt knw ajax


This is ajax function in jquery which is used to send Requests to your own server or third party api.

Wrt this is an ajax call to Save_Picture.aspx/UploadPic which sends picture to server and when the server sends response the success fuction is called.

— Thanks 😊

— Img, length, src

— 1) span
2) for
3) x

— Any one 👆👆👆

— Or use .forEach, it is built into NodeLists

— I m not getting value in console

— Coz there is no value

— The console.log runs when the page is loaded, in that moment the input has no value, you need to put value="random text" in the input

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— I want to display value what user gives

— Then u can use change event