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June 2019

— A server side cannot force the client to reload, especially not when the client loads it async


At best, if you receive a 302 or another forwarding statuscode, your response will be different, but your page shouldn't reload/redirect

— In laravel you can do a return redirect()->action() and it reloads if the action is the same as you were

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— What does get_index do?

— Recive the checkbox value and run the get call

— Full code of all the involved parts please :) in best case: create a or or etc

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— Hello, how can i check the EOF condition in Javascript?

— What's "the EOF condition"?

— End of file

— The end of a stream (stdin for example, or stdout) or literally any other file (a text file, for example)

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— stream.once('end', yourFunction)

— Generally