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June 2019

— Asynchronous HTTP should not lead to have your page reloaded.


It will send the value of each checkbox to the server side django, and will pass this value at a function to give me 2 images saved in a special directory

— What is the function body?

— Maybe the problem are in the server side?

— Sorry, I was busy

— Get_index(inputObj):
var indexes = input.value;

— What is the response of the server?

— 2images

— A server side cannot force the client to reload, especially not when the client loads it async

— At best, if you receive a 302 or another forwarding statuscode, your response will be different, but your page shouldn't reload/redirect

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— In laravel you can do a return redirect()->action() and it reloads if the action is the same as you were

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— What does get_index do?