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May 2019

— But I get the perfect value in select list!


Oh no the solution was tried without the #. I just wanted to leave it there but commented. I brainfarted and forgot how to comment in js it seems. My first solution was exactly how its staying there just without the #

— How do I complete it then muneeb?

— The problem is that how will you place the activities
For eg. If activity B and C precedes activity D, then you should draw and place them in different positions.
How to do that

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— In jQuery there is any order of precedence for functions running?

— I have problem with this check box

— If all clicked all checkboxes should be checked.if any unchecked all option should be unchecked.if someone try to check all boxes it should automaticaly assign all option as checked..Also if he uncheck all option the checked should should be unchecked

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— Are you using any plugin to list your table or its just normal table?

— No plugins...backend data is displayed on the table..only jQuery and JavaScript I use in client side script

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— I require no plugin method

— I write the script but..some problems if once a function all checking done next function for select checking not running and vise versa

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— Give the code snippet