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May 2019

β€” First we need to find critical path?
Then you need to find lst,est,eft and lft?


You can use svg to draw those arrow lines. Well! I'm using margins here to align those columns, but I think it should be done using grid-system.

β€” I'm still learning.

β€” OhkπŸ‘

β€” Is it completedπŸ€”

β€” Nope. Not at all.

β€” It was just an explaination.

β€” Ain't you a web developer?

β€” I am but i dont know PERT

β€” When i use forloop for fetching value from index of multidimensional array : in console there shows a type error " data[6][i] is undefined.why it shows So?

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β€” 6 is hardcoded

β€” Yes