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May 2019

— #result =
# is not something JavaScript can recognize or understand


Sorry guys can i get help on jsp file, when i run it is provide an error like this"Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL ..."

— Help plz.

— And am using netbeans it doent show an error in the code, it appears in the browser.

— I have a problem...the server is not near to me so I cannot send https requests.but I have to check my web page request running perfectly and make a temperory responses and use that response data in my web pages...What can I do?

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— Anybody please help

— Show your query

— That doesn't make sense, distance shouldn't cause https to fail

— But our server works in local area

— So only at my office I could receive requests from backend

— I am front end developer..and I am at home...I have to work without backend service to give changes to the pages

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— What should I do?