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May 2019

— Ok thanks


So i want to learn java, do you happen to know from which site that offers basic explantion and ways to practice learning the language as well i happen to go on codecademy tried it and i started to enjoy it especally now i am working offshore in the oil field so i was thinking of learning it on while working, anyway i made it long so where can i find a site or something good courses from scratch :) and i would like to know if there is any i can download

— Look at the pinned message bruh

— Thanks

— Udemy

— A really long fixed point combinator, a function that will return a constant event if it’s called by itself many times.
f(c) = c
f(f(c)) = c

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— Yeah, it worked.

— Do you still have the code?

— Oh it's here

— I thought it wasn't working anymore, this morning it wasn't loading

— Yeah, I think they had a problem

— I cannot even understand it