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May 2019

— No success


I will share the code, is part of a Chrome extension (script.js):

target function is function h(), which is called by new MutationObserver(h)

just modifies the DOM content, adds a button element and addEventListener(click, B) to this button, so when this button is called, function B(e) is executed

my additions are just:
function nestake() and new MutationObserver(nestake)

— button#solver-button element

— Does anyone knows how to write regex?

— .

— everyone

— Then can someone give me regex for| and not|

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— Whats the construct that allows object declaration and method invocation in the same instruction?


var a = {

sur4a: function () {

return 'W'


rich6: '109'

} ['sur4a']();

— I’m sorry, wtf? This code is illegible because is a web pack bundle. Are you trying to modify a web pack bundle directly?

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— Yes Chris, I don't have another source for that code 😅

— I think it’s Expressions
According to the MDN:
| An expression is any valid unit of code that resolves to a value.

Creating an object is an expression, and will return value, then with [‘sur4a’] you’re asking for the property of the previous value and that’s an expression, which happen to be a function, then with () you’re executing this function which also happen to be an expression.

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