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May 2019

— It doesn't show any value in textbox


And if you try to put a hard coded string it will show?
The selector is working?
data[0] contains any value?

— Data[0] contains value

— It's the backend response value

— I send a request to backend and as response it gives an array of values(in case of python list of value).. I have to put each index values into the corresponding textbox value in form

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— I gotta go, but you have to check if the selector is working by calling val with any string and check if it’s working. And check that data[0] actually contains that value you said at that given moment. Maybe you’re accessing it before time.

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— If I try to put a hard coded string nothing value in textbox

— Then it’s probable that your selector is not working

— Maybe a misplaced capital letter?

— Ok

— Let me try

— Help anybody