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May 2019

— Yeah.


Hey, i extended my component by a baseclass, and by that overwrite some methods in which i console.log some stuff. In the browser it shows the log source is the baseclass instead of my new class... i bundle with webpack, if someone knows a elegant way to this, i would appreciate it a lot

— Wait, i think thats not rthe case

— Stop the train

— Https://

— It's awesome. Check

— This is reaally awesome dude.

— Needs a way to reduce speed

— Controls are there

— Not for speed

— Dear all, could anybody please help?

— I have an input box and I assigned the value (Or maybe that is a string) of 1,286.09. I made sure that such number/or string shows up in the input box, then I used Ajax to send that to a php file named price.php. But it seems like I can only capture the first number of 1.

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