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May 2019

— You can see it working in the link below


Well I have already solved it. Its just to develop us here especially newbies in algorithm and data structure by we attempting it. Atleast we will have different solutions here and all of us we learn and gain

— I know - i meant mommy message as a joke

— Rotate which way?

— Left

[1,2,3,4], 2

Shud be


That is rotating at 2 to the left

— Shouldn’t be like [3,4,1,2]?

— Hi guys I am interested in js so I need a Chanel on YouTube that I t can help me to understand js in little time

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— const rotateArray = ([first,], times = 1) => times > 0 ? rotateArray([, first], times - 1) : [first,]

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— Check out
It's not a channel but an interactive website

— Traversy Media

— Check his Vanilla JavaScript playlist

— I'm making art using JS and WebGL :)