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May 2019

— How can we execute ES6 code like class on browser


It's the function that I used to send data to backend...but when I remove the alert the request to backend not successfully sending.but if I use an alert it run successfully
..anybody help to clear this issue or say what the problem is?

— 100% of German population

— Ik and thats bad

— Hey nodejs guys, have a look at this and tell me what you think:

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— I prefer nedb

— Just checked out nedb, wooow seems pretty huge!

— Very tiny, but efficient

— I like it, I may try using it in my next project. Thanks for sharing!

— For which cases we use this packge

— One typical usecase for this package is in fast server deployments with minimal focus on the database, e.g. when building a data server for a frontend SPA (angular, react, vue, etc) with the objective of not spending too much time building the db (mysql, mongo, etc)

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— I've just updated the documentation to provide more examples, have a look at it

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