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May 2019

— Ok


Let me ask,Which is good in web app creation,whether loading pages on click or load particular part of the page?

— There are a variety of options, and all of them can be good in certain situations.
In general you want to keep a page very fast and responsive.
Loading a page by parts can be good if those parts are not necessary and are very heavy.

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— Ok

— In my application all parts are necessary

— And each has each tables

— I have to display them on each mouse click

— If I create different pages for different tables and load them on mouse click it runs but, is it Good? When I tried to load each table as a part of the page the table overlap occur

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— Which is better

— If loading them on mouse click isn’t generating you any problem then it’s not bad. How long it takes to load?

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— Thanks elxris

— Not much time