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May 2019

— In the case the component state is being being restored


I mean that whatever changes I made in component A when on url "/test1", all the changes are being restored in url "/test2"

— I’ve just tested, and apparently yes, this is a normal behavior, you don’t want it?

— You could wrap the component like: const B = props => <A {...props} />

— Or you could do something like:

<Route path="/route1" render={(props) => <A key="route1" {...props}></A>} />
<Route path="/route2" render={(props) => <A key="route2" {...props}></A>}/>

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— key is important

— Https://

— Particular div element

— I’m sorry, never heard of that
But in my opinion if you’re looking for a js solution, there is no way around Ajax

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— Ok

— Let me ask,Which is good in web app creation,whether loading pages on click or load particular part of the page?

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— There are a variety of options, and all of them can be good in certain situations.
In general you want to keep a page very fast and responsive.
Loading a page by parts can be good if those parts are not necessary and are very heavy.

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