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May 2019

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Hello guys, I have small issue with react component, I have a route "/test1" in which there is a input and a button. On pressing the button the url will be changed to "/test2" but the same component will be rendered in the route "/test2" even. My actual problem is after typing something in the input and pressing button redirects url to "/test2" but the state of the component remanins same. All the component state is getting restored. But when I redirect to another route don't the current component has to unmount and mount new one ?? But in my case both old and new one are the same. Why is it restoring the state on redirecting to another uri ?

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— This is react-router-dom?
If your component is not inside a switch and a route component there is no reason to remounting.
Also, if you want to force the remounting you may want to put a key (like on items on a list) on your component and change it every time you want to remount the component.

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— Yep using react-router-dom.