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May 2019

— My bad I didnt note it but I meant as documentation. In addition traversy media as for courses. just for syntax and documentation

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Im also on freecodecamp rn and i think its pretty good. Just a little sad that projects come really late in the curriculum

— Also codecademy good choise for the beginners)

— I have working with jquery and PHP for 1 and half eyar, but i want to start with nodejs and react, any recomendation?

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— Traversy media .-.

— Good choice

— Thanks, I think that JS is the one who have a better future, so I need to learn now for make the change the earlier as possible

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— How can I start, do you recomment any book or course?

— Do you know JS already?

— Yes, I used Vuejs a couple of times before

— I'd try going through this example first:

— Then moving to other examples in the API docs, or expressjs