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May 2019

— Daggy is also quite good for creating your own


Why ramda does not implement them, they seem necessary for a clean fp approach. Am I missing someting?

— Does anyone know about other "popular" electron programs other than Discord Slack VS Code and Github desktop?

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— There is a list:

— But "popular" good question

— Yea it was more about stuff like VS Code where I was like: WHAT vscode is electron

— Well, ramda just provides utility functions, not fl types

— You can treat an array as a maybe, works pretty much the same way, and Ramda will work on both arrays and custom implementations of Maybe

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— I see folktale and fantasyland implementations, do you think are a good pair with ramda?

— Of course

— Ramda aims to be fantasyland-compatible

— As is folktale afaik