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May 2019

— Yes it was for example purpose


Well, thanks. I got this now for the next example:

const a = ['test1', 'test2', 'test3', 'test4']
const b = ['test2']
const c = ['test1']

const differenceWithB = R.difference(R.__, b)
const differenceWithC = R.difference(R.__, c)

const notIncludesInBAndC = R.compose(differenceWithB, differenceWithC)


— This is mind blowing for non-functional devs

— I would like to include more and maybe make some slides

— Sure

— I wanna make javascript friends whose speaking my language as well

— This is code we never knew we needed

— 😄Oh then we are friends.
I am gonna pm you

— Ramda has R.differenceWith!

— Lol

— Which is like difference, but a custom function for equality check

— You should look at Sanctuary if you want to really become a mad scientist