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May 2019

— Hmm


Ok... The problem is if i have and endpoint with the next syntax: /a/b/c/d/e

And in my array i have only /a/*/d/e

— So that shouldn't match, right?

— * matches only segments between slashes?

— Or * can include slashes?

— Can includes slashes

— Or i caan have examples like /a/*/d/*

— Ahh, then change '[^/]*' to '.*?'

— Oh great!!! Thank you very much

— I hate regular expresions hihi


s/((([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))|(\B[aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou])))([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([^aeiouy .,'"\n()\[\]{}])(([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([^aeiouy .,]\B))|(\B([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))|(\B[aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou])))([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([^aeiouy .,]))|(([^aeiouy .,'"\n()\[\]{}])([^aeiouy .,'"\n()\[\]{}])([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou])))|(\b[^aeiouy .,'"\n()\[\]{}])([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([aeiou]|(?<![aeiou])y(?![aeiou]))([^aeiouy .,'"\n()\[\]{}]\b)/\3\6\5\9\8\11\14\13\16\18\17\19\20\21\23\22/gi

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