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May 2019

— classes.trim().split(/\s+/g).forEach(class =>


Check this

— Unexpected token, expected "{" (1:43)

> 1 | classes.trim().split(/\s+/g).forEach(class => {
| ^
2 | el.classList.add(class)});

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— Wat

— What kind of browser are you testing this with

— The latest version of chrome

— Hi I learn basic JavaScript and then
Learn some basic of node ka to work on

Can you please suggest me what to do after that to work in good js stack

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— There is a udemy course I purchased guys clear all the doubts very well

— Wrong reply :P

— Please give me the link.

— Does this make sense to anyone?
Please, explain
Because print is not supposed to see increase, set and decrease.
If number is changed in set, shouldn't it be seen only by set?
Besides, what is for loop doing there?.
How is print able to see for loop?
The topic is closure

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— No one online?