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May 2019

— I have already used the .split method to separate classes but I need to split them as when adding more classes in the classList method

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The function requires that all the classes to be added are grouped in a string and at the beginning of the function, check if the browser supports classList. In that case I need to separate the classes into a different string for each of them

— Wat

— Why are they joined like that?

— Just loop

— I have already tested the "final" variable, it works

— classes.trim().split(/\s+/g).forEach(class =>

— Check this

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— Unexpected token, expected "{" (1:43)

> 1 | classes.trim().split(/\s+/g).forEach(class => {
| ^
2 | el.classList.add(class)});

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— Wat

— What kind of browser are you testing this with

— The latest version of chrome