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May 2019

— That's the only way.


Why do you need a server?
You can build your app and host it like static files, and then, your options are broader. Any CDN/static file server will work

— It looks pretty much like a grid, with a transform, inverse transform on the contents and overflow hidden.

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— Shit that's a good method

— Thanks Christian!

— This is a nice design, I will try by myself too!

— Yeah I found it on a page about layouts

— I just think that this will be hard to make responsive, unless you tilt the cards back

— Webgame dev

— Guys, I need your help!

— We are developing a Whatsapp Group links sharing Website, We did everything. Only thing we struggling to do is: we can't fetch the DP and Name of the Group using the link. for that we need an API. Please suggest me any code.

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— It's very hard getting companies with what's up api