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May 2019

— Go look at coding train tutorials in youtube by dan.


Not at all. I’ve used expo-three and made a really simple 3D Scene with shaders and worked really well on my Phone.

— I think anything it’s possible with JS. That’s the main reason I made this group. 😊

— I just wanted to have some fun with js that isnt webdev lmao I don't want to become a gamedev

— Should probably have asked what JS is less awful at, webgame or mobilegame

— The only reason im sticking with js is because i thought you can do more stuff than any other language

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— Hey so I am new to JavaScript and that's what i've been doing pretty much. Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

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— 😂😂😂😂

— Java

— Https://

— 😍

— Hi All,
In trying to run a query which has a callback parameter , but it's not working in a synchronous manner although u have used async await and promise

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