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May 2019

— And i was curious if js is better at mobile games or webgames (i know js sucks for games)


Well getting good in language and learning bunch loads of syntax won't gonna work if you don't know when , where and how to apply it. you should learn data structure and algorithm and try to apply it in your own from scratch. go into hackerank , geeks for geeks and practice various problem in JS. build solid foundation in problem solving coz learning useless thing won't going to help.

— Go look at coding train tutorials in youtube by dan.

— Not at all. I’ve used expo-three and made a really simple 3D Scene with shaders and worked really well on my Phone.

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— I think anything it’s possible with JS. That’s the main reason I made this group. 😊

— I just wanted to have some fun with js that isnt webdev lmao I don't want to become a gamedev

— Should probably have asked what JS is less awful at, webgame or mobilegame

— The only reason im sticking with js is because i thought you can do more stuff than any other language

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— Hey so I am new to JavaScript and that's what i've been doing pretty much. Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

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— 😂😂😂😂

— Java

— Https://