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May 2019

— NW.js has window control. It has its own native gui.
Package.json file also does that too


Javascript Ecosystem In View (the Vastness Of Javascript Programming Language)

— It's very strange

— I don't think so

— What? I'm talking about controlling application lifecycle independent of opened / closed windows

— 🔥🔥🔥

If you have not read this article you might not know how vast and powerful JavaScript is.

— To me its not. Since the html is part of the gui.

— Oh! Ok.

— Yeah, starting with UI is very strange

— That's my point

— Lol. Programmers have preference. Some can start with js which is not strange and some can start with ui which is arguably strange. So whichever, NW.js gives you whatever you want. Flexibility at its peak. You get

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— I wouldn't say PHP is flexible because it makes it easy to output invalid HTML