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May 2019

— In a browser you mean? And JavaScript? You can use learnbydoing websites like freecodecamp. Usable without Account and without any applications. Also is a very good ressource for JS that's located on a website. Has challenges which also are online without required extra applications.

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And ofc youtube vids. But if you're learning exclusively through the browser I recommend using github with an online code editor or learnbydoing websites.

— Afaik is an online IDE suitable for portable learning or coding. Probably soon to be replaced by the announced VS Online.

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— Vscode is now online bro

— U can use that too

— Is it already?

— Cant find it can you link?

— All I can find is the *old vs online. The devops thing

— Thank :)

— Any freecodecamp alumni?

— Why I prefer NW.js over Electron? (2018 comparison)

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— Thomas try and read this. NW.js is not small