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May 2019

— Defining it like this is direct coupling


A) The instance can't be constructed with a different assertExists
B) assertExists can't be mocked

— I use one assertExists utility for all classes

— Anyone use arch linux here?

— Yes i

— I know

— Hey guys I need some quickly recovering... My laptop has been injected by forasom /berost viruses please guys help me

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— Https:// for forasom

— That's why linux is there

— Hi I can learning Java from web ?

— In a browser you mean? And JavaScript? You can use learnbydoing websites like freecodecamp. Usable without Account and without any applications. Also is a very good ressource for JS that's located on a website. Has challenges which also are online without required extra applications.

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— And ofc youtube vids. But if you're learning exclusively through the browser I recommend using github with an online code editor or learnbydoing websites.

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