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May 2019

— Hello CSS my creepy friend.
I've come to talk with you again

1. 100px wide is it for height and width or just width?

2. 2.1em right and 6.2em from bottom view.
is that padding, margin or just right and bottom properties?

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2. Right and bottom properties aren’t padding nor margin, they are they own.

— 1. I don’t know what are you talking about

— You mean the wide?

— Yes

— I will just change it to width for better understanding

— Thanks

— Huh

— If I remember well I think there are elements that will scale height as well, like <img> but I’m no expert. I try to set both of them. If you want something proportional, you can use like vh units on both properties. I don’t know if that’s what you’re asking.

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— And use flex box, it’s easy to get nice results.

— Was actually asking of the meaning of wide in css.
does it refer to width only or width and height :)

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— I think it’s only width