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May 2019

— Ok


Can i adjust an online page to catch errors? will the code dispear on page reload? if it does, how can i catch the error without page reload?

— Yes, error codes disappear on reload (except you are in devtools and have preserve logs activated). You could sent the errors to a server

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— Thanks

— If i create a web app using import module instead of embedding my script in the HTML and give it some sets of instructions.

can it prevent users from using DevTool to view the code behind each task?

instructions for the use of the app and completion of each task is already on the page

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— Nothing will prevent users from being able to see clientside code

— I don’t think it’s possible to hide code

— You could make it hard to read

— How is that? :)

— Not sure but I've seen people do it. Google it.

— Hello CSS my creepy friend.
I've come to talk with you again

1. 100px wide is it for height and width or just width?

2. 2.1em right and 6.2em from bottom view.
is that padding, margin or just right and bottom properties?

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— 2. Right and bottom properties aren’t padding nor margin, they are they own.

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