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May 2019

— After this playlist


I will try to break down the pieces:
- asyncFunction is called
- console.log is called with “The code is asynchronous”
- asyncFunction returns a value and its passed down its then
- console.log is called with the value returned of asyncFunction
- asyncFunction2 is called
- asyncFunction2 returns a value
- asyncFunction.then.then will catch the resolution of asyncFunction2 promise
- console.log is called with the value returned from asyncFunction2

A few additional points:
- A promise.then will always return a promise.
- You can return a value or another promise in the .then callback and if it was a promise it will resolve and you can catch the response in the next concatenated then.
- asyncFunction2 is not executed until asyncFunction is resolved.

— Checkout

— That is the feeling after learning something new. 😁
No boring moments with js

— Am trying look for a Book or video that can Show me how to build an App in js

— :)

— Nice

— Nah, it doesn't matter

— * Learn callbacks
* Learn promises
* Learn async functions

— Hawaradi? 😹

— Delay is not the point

— Hello guys, anyone here using cardova for web apps? I've been trying to handle an error where if the android user is offline , it pops up a message "file:\...index.html failed to connect to the server" ,I've researched and found offline.js of which it has not been of much help :(

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