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May 2019

— Anyone send me basic JavaScript


This is a tutorial on YouTube, why does asyncFunction() and asyncFunction2 take time to return a promise if there is no connection with a server so there shouldn't be any delay

— While loop
Do while
Condition use and function and all

— My ITI exam there in one chapter JavaScript

— What do you mean by “take time”? It literally takes seconds?

— Look at the pinned message. 👍

— I just finished this playlist and now I know how to use promises 🍾

— That's me

— After this playlist

— I will try to break down the pieces:
- asyncFunction is called
- console.log is called with “The code is asynchronous”
- asyncFunction returns a value and its passed down its then
- console.log is called with the value returned of asyncFunction
- asyncFunction2 is called
- asyncFunction2 returns a value
- asyncFunction.then.then will catch the resolution of asyncFunction2 promise
- console.log is called with the value returned from asyncFunction2

A few additional points:
- A promise.then will always return a promise.
- You can return a value or another promise in the .then callback and if it was a promise it will resolve and you can catch the response in the next concatenated then.
- asyncFunction2 is not executed until asyncFunction is resolved.

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— That is the feeling after learning something new. 😁
No boring moments with js