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May 2019

β€” JavaScript is So hard 😒😭


Somebody help me with this code please 😞😞

Given a variable "marks"

1) Print (AA) if marks is greater than 90

2) Print (AB) if marks is greater than 80 and less than or equal to 90

β€” Please any one that can help me with a software that can enable me to have the right lottery number of this game

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β€” Please help

β€” What do you have? What you already tried?

β€” Tried this

β€” Ok, πŸ‘
Multiple problems. Strings should be inside single or double quotes. You’re not assigning any value to marks.

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β€” Nope... you can't turn async code into blocking code

β€” Do that then! It's great

β€” It's very simple!

β€” What to print if less than or equal to 80?


marks > 90 ? 'AA' :
marks > 80 ? 'AB' :
'No mark');