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May 2019

— Any good guide for this and arrow in js?


Thanks I'm doing that already I know that I have still much to learn in js, for example j still don't know how to use async await

— What dont you understand about async await?

— If I'm working just on front end is there any situation that I can use asynchronous function? Or is it just with a server?

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— Sure e.g when you fetch something

— So I ment offline mode, is there a use for it when you want to wait for a reaction after event listener for example

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— Or is it just for online stuff

— You can do fetch('text.txt')

— You use to wait for a promise to be resolved. In node you can use it nicely for file system operations in the browser to fetch any stuff online. You coulf also use it together with setTimeout() to write blocking code with it.

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— Its just about promises

— So when the event listener fires how do I prepare a file for later fetching?

— I didn't get to node.js yet