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May 2019

— I just finished reading last 200 messages, I must really be on a very basic js level because I didn't learn anything :(

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I'll tell you guys what I know and I will be thankful if someone could suggest what next aspect of plain JS I should learn, thanks in advance.

— I know:
- to declare variables and modify them afterwards unless it's const.
-code functions and arrow-functions
-i know most useful methods for strings, numbers, arrays.
-i know how to create an object manually or from a constructor.
-i know how to create classes with constructors and prototypes
-i know how to manipulate, create or remove DOM objects.
-I know how to use event listeners
-i know how to use intervals and timeouts
-i know how to use static methods.
-i know how to use Math. methods.
-i have some experience in canvas animation.
I think this makes at least 90% of what I know.

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— Can any one help me how to plot this graph usin javascript

— All you need right now is more practice

— Any good guide for this and arrow in js?

— Thanks I'm doing that already I know that I have still much to learn in js, for example j still don't know how to use async await

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— What dont you understand about async await?

— If I'm working just on front end is there any situation that I can use asynchronous function? Or is it just with a server?

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— Sure e.g when you fetch something

— So I ment offline mode, is there a use for it when you want to wait for a reaction after event listener for example

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— Or is it just for online stuff