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April 2019

— In 13,16,19 and so on


Exactly that, “.” is not a concatenation operator in JavaScript is an access operator, you’re asking to get “res” property from an String object

— Yess you were right I was doing it wrongly

— Opinions on a prototype for my first project?

— Made it in Adobe XD and it's supposed to be a text editor

— What is Adobe XD?

— It’s a design tool for digital interfaces

— UX Sketch program. Minimalistic and Sketch focused photoshop

— Its awesome tool buddy...must have a look

— This man is organics software

— Someone please suggest a good youtube series to learn Angular

— Guys I have a question.
I have a lot of classes where I querySelect a lot of DOM nodes in the constructor. I dont know a clean way to handle the errors. When one selector fails the next one will fail aswell. And I dont want to wrap each one in a condition or try catch. e.g:

constructor(params) { = document.querySelector(params.selector1); =;

Anyone an idea?

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