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April 2019

— Well what i need mainly is for someone to help me design a ui in php so that i can work on funtionalies on the website

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Hey ahm, could you give me little advice on how to make this avaliable in a React / JSX way. it already works when i use it like `antPath(route, {
"delay": 800,
"dashArray": [
"weight": 5,
"color": "#0000FF",
"pulseColor": "#FFFFFF",
"paused": false,
"reverse": false,
"hardwareAccelerated": true

But i want to make it in a 'clean' way

— What do you mean with clean way? this example works and need all this properties to work correctly, If it works correctly you can use without any problem, and where do you need to use PHP in this code? to change the location maybe?

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— Id like to write it like <antPath color={x} delay={400} />

— So i can integrate it properly with featuregroups which are easy to toggle

— Clean way would also mean i add the antline to the map, not the other way around

— Can i ask a question that is off topic here?

— Not related to javascript and computer science in general

— Go on if something will happen then u will be example for us 😜

— 😕😂😧

— Any php related group links ?

— Try