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April 2019

— Hey there


color = {
const color = d3.scaleOrdinal(d3.schemeCategory10);
return name => color(name.replace(/ .*/, ""));

Does anyone understand this coding style please?

— That looks like function but without the keyword 'function'. Any clarification?

— Can anyone help me in node?

— What's the problem here?

— Hello, is it possible to show an alternate image in material ui cardmedia. I refered docs and tried with image and src tags. But in my local environment only image tag is working. This is link to docs

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— I want to print the double value of each array but the output come error

— The output print :[object,object]

— Can anyone tell where I can fault in logic of program

— Everything is a problem here, starting from the second line

— If you see the docs, rl is created once(rl not r1)

— Https://