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April 2019

— 🍧🍨 JS newbies food is ready


I have a json object which contains left-top and right-bottom co-ordinates of rectangular bounding box in the format [x1, y1, x2, y2] and some text. how can I make that rectangle and print the text inside it?

— Position: absolute, then just use top, left, right bottom CSS directives I think

— Objects are something like this:

— {"bbox":[661.115,267.195,729.7,438.372],"centroid":[695.407,352.783],"confidence":0.8,"id":6,"object":"person"}

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— 'bbox' means Bounding Box

— Coolio

— Hi its me again

— So javascript has a party now

— Better than python

— Well technically

— Hello guys