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April 2019

— This is what I want to learn, I have no idea how the promises work


Mateusz Matliński sure, you will, go through this once, may be you'll get it if you have any question you can post it on forum there

— It seems I will need it in my game but I don't even know how to form a question about it 😅

— Basically there are information that user has to input and the game should wait for them so this sounds like the place to use async and wait, no?

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— TRGWII could you show me with console.logs how does async and await work?

— Lol. But NW.js is more matured

— Yep

— Async and await, callbacks, or promises?

— Or all?

— Async and await

— Anybody knows something about this?

— Refer to and Mozilla