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April 2019

— Now i am doing core js like dom manipulation and form validation like stuff


TRGWII I got it, it's again not like you told me but it didn't make sense in my game so I did it locally in a method

— Shit I just realized when it will not work

— .

— Nodejs and reactjs will be good

— It won't, since you are mutating it

— Between react, vue and angular which one should study? I read that Vue is becoming more and more used

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— ❤️

— TRGWII it's not ok if I have an object called


that will be globally available and will adopt to the player's choices?
I feel like without it I can't get anything done

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— Or I make Game an object instead of a class with constructor

— And then there will be a class Saves that will export all the progress.

— When is it ok to have global stuff in code?